Electrical Power Quality Integrated Optimization Device

KCDY series new power quality optimization device is aimed at various precision power quality sensitive devices in the current 2 2 0 V-1 0 kV power network.
Products developed to provide high-efficiency and clean power energy for complex and complex electricity loads.


  • Input voltage: 0.22-10kV
  • Input frequency: 50Hz
  • Output current: <2400A
  • Stable accuracy: ±1%
  • No-load current: <0.3%
  • No-load loss: <0.7%
  • Load loss: <2%
  • Working temperature: -10℃~+50℃
  • Storage temperature: -25℃~+60℃
  • Working noise: < 40 decibels (tested at one meter of the equipment)


1.Stable Supply Voltage

Voltage fluctuation is a series of changes or continuous changes in the rms value of the voltage, or a collection of a series of voltage changes. Reality
In life, voltage fluctuations are mainly caused by fluctuating loads, and if the voltage fluctuations are too large or flicker, the direct impact is that electricity is not used properly.
Economical, the working condition of electrical equipment is unstable.
Therefore, stable power supply can bring about the effect of power saving.
K C D Y’s new power quality optimization device adopts the combination of the latest computer voltage stabilization optimization and electromagnetic compensation voltage stabilization technology.Realize the stable supply of electrical equipment, effectively reduce the fluctuation of power supply voltage, and improve the effective use of electric energy.

2.Suppress Harmonic Pollution

Non-linear loads draw non-sinusoidal currents from the grid, causing grid voltage distortion, so they are called harmonic sources. existing on the gridThere are many harmonic sources, such as: atmospheric overvoltage, lightning strike, thyristor, and the operation of frequency conversion equipment. Harmonic sources produce harmonic pollution, increasingThe loss of electrical equipment is added, the efficiency of electrical equipment is reduced, and it also has adverse effects on relay protection, automatic devices and communications.The output voltage of the new K C D Y power quality optimization device is always a sine wave and does not generate any harmonics. Built-in reactance can effectively suppressHigh-order harmonics from the power supply side clean the grid and improve power efficiency. At the same time, the built-in reactance has a high impact on nonlinear loads.Sub-harmonics can also be effectively prevented. For the filter enhancement type in the K C D Y series, it can effectively filter out the harmonics in the system according to the harmonic situation of the system.higher harmonics.

3.Improve Power Factor

Power factor is a key factor affecting power utilization. Low power factor will reduce the efficiency of power supply and electrical equipment, increase
circuit loss. K C D Y’s new power quality optimization device reduces the iron loss and excitation current of the motor through electromagnetic regulation, reduces the total loss of the motor, and reduces the reactive power supplied by the system, thereby improving the power factor of the equipment by 1~7%.
The reactive power compensation type in the K C D Y series can effectively improve the power factor of the system, and the maximum power factor of the system can be increased to 0.99.

4.Adjust Three Phase Power Unbalance

At present, there are a large number of single-phase high-power electrical equipment in the three-phase power grid, resulting in asymmetric three-phase voltage.
1) The voltage of one phase with a large load is reduced, and the voltage of one phase with a small load is increased, which will damage the equipment;
2) The stator generates a reverse phase sequence rotating magnetic field, which affects the output power of the motor;
3) The rotor generates reverse-sequence current, thereby generating braking torque. Using unique high-quality iron cores and windings, the magnetic circuit is achieved in the transformer.
Balance, magnetic field balance, the unbalanced voltage between the three-phase power supply can be adjusted within the range of 1.5%, using electrical equipment in the three-phase power supply
The source tends to operate with high quality in a balanced and symmetrical state.

5.Reduce Load Startup Current

When the electrical equipment is started, its starting current is usually 4 to 7 times its rated current during normal operation.
The loss of electrical equipment increases, causing fluctuations in the power grid and adversely affecting the reliable power supply of the power grid.
K C D Y’s new power consumption quality optimization device controls the starting current of the motor to be about twice the rated current, effectively limiting the load power
flow does not exceed the rated current value. For frequently started electrical equipment, reducing the loss of the motor, the heat of the motor will also be greatly reduced
low, thereby extending the life of the motor. For the motor type in the K C D Y series, we have enhanced its soft start function, with soft start effect.

6.Suppress Transients and Surges

Enterprise electrical equipment produces a large number of transient currents and surges, wandering around in the power grid, resulting in power pollution. High current generated by transient current
The pressure will cause overheating of the equipment, oxidation of the contacts of the contact elements of the switchgear, and reduction of the working efficiency of the electrical equipment. Causes electrical equipment to accelerate
Damage and increased power consumption.
K C D Y’s new type of power quality optimization device is an inert device, with strong anti-overvoltage, anti-overcurrent ability and strong health
The ability of voltage mutation and power mutation resistance can protect electrical equipment from shocks, transient currents and surges. will be caused by transients and surges
The impact of overheating and grid pollution caused by it is minimized, and the effect of clean electricity is achieved.


  • Kaich-Power
  • Voltage and Current Protection
    • BWKX line fault grounding protection cabinet
    • BWKY power grid integrated overvoltage protection cabinet
    • BWKG high energy capacity explosion-proof compound overvoltage protector
    • KC-J Overvoltage action counter
    • BWKL high voltage cable protector
    • KCHY Arrester
    • KC500D current transformer secondary overvoltage protector
  • Voltage Protection
    • KCXQ microcomputer type tuning eliminator
    • KCDX small current grounding line selection device
    • KCNDG中性点接地电阻柜
    • KCJD power grid grounding monitoring and management system
  • Voltage Protection 2
    • BKPD power surge protector
  • Power Detection
    • KC600 switchgear intelligent control device
    • KC700 electric contact wireless temperature measuring device
    • KC800 motor protection measurement and control device
    • KCFB-306 intelligent arc protection device
    • KCIM series insulation on-line monitoring device for power grid operation equipment
    • KCCS intelligent dehumidifier
  • Power Detection
    • KC900 power meter
  • Power Quality
    • KCQB low voltage reactive power compensation device
    • KCQB high voltage reactive power compensation device
    • KCDY series new power quality optimization device
  • Power Quality
    • KCAPF active filter
    • KCSVG static reactive power generator

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