What devices are used for reactive power compensation?

High and Low Voltage Reactive Power Compensation Device


Reactive power compensation is a crucial aspect of maintaining a stable and efficient power grid. To achieve this, various devices are utilized, and one of the latest advancements in this field is the new generation of reactive power compensation devices that employ MSC (Main Switch Contactor) technology and TSC (Transient Switch Contactor) technology.

Understanding the Technology

The new generation reactive power compensation device utilizes MSC technology, which involves the switching of a contactor capacitor bank, and TSC technology, which involves the analysis of voltage and current signals of the power grid in real-time by a controller.

How it Works

The device collects voltage and current signals from the power grid and analyzes them using the controller. It then employs zero-crossing switching technology to automatically and quickly switch capacitor banks to compensate for the inductance of the power grid. This process is achieved through the use of high-power non-contact switching switches, which ensure smooth and impact-free switching.

Advantages of the Device

The new generation reactive power compensation device offers numerous advantages:

1. Improved Power Grid Efficiency

By compensating for the inductance of the power grid, the device helps reduce losses and improve the quality of power grid power supply. This, in turn, leads to enhanced overall efficiency and performance of the power grid.

2. Enhanced Economic Benefits

With improved efficiency and reduced losses, the new generation reactive power compensation device contributes to significant economic benefits. It helps optimize power consumption, leading to cost savings and improved financial outcomes.

3. Complete Self-Protection Function

The device is equipped with a comprehensive self-protection function, ensuring its safe operation even in abnormal situations. It can quickly respond to any anomalies and take appropriate measures to prevent any damage or hazards, thereby safeguarding both the device and the power grid.

4. Versatile Switchgear Options

The reactive power compensation device offers multiple forms of switchgear, allowing for easy integration with existing power distribution cabinets and switches. This flexibility ensures seamless compatibility and simplifies the installation process.


The new generation of reactive power compensation devices utilizing MSC and TSC technology represents a significant advancement in the field. By analyzing voltage and current signals, employing zero-crossing switching technology, and utilizing high-power non-contact switching switches, these devices effectively compensate for power grid inductance. This results in improved power grid efficiency, enhanced economic benefits, and complete self-protection functionality. Additionally, the availability of versatile switchgear options ensures easy integration with existing power distribution infrastructure. Embracing these innovative devices can lead to a more stable, efficient, and cost-effective power grid.

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